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Bilingual Tutor / Support Worker

Amuri Area school is seeking a Bilingual Tutor/ Support Worker to support our growing Filipino students and community.

This is a fixed term position for 10 hours per week.  The fixed term will end on the 12th April 2019. The reason for this position being fixed term is that this is a specially funded project by the Ministry of Education for one year only.

Remuneration: The position will be paid in accordance with the Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement, Grade B.

As this is a newly created position the specific tasks will be developed over-time, in conjunction with our Migrant Student Co-ordinator.  In the initial stages we anticipate approximately 8 hours per week of contact time with students and 2 hours per week of community liaison.

Our Bilingual Support Worker must:

  1. Have the confidence and trust of the community.
  2. Be able to respect confidentiality.
  3. Be competent in written and spoken English.
  4. Have a willingness to engage in professional development related to the role.
  5. Have an ability to communicate effectively as part of a wider team.
  6. Have fluency in reading and writing Tagalog.
  7. Have a flexible attitude to working hours to meet the needs of the job description.

To fulfil No. 7 above in order to connect with the community at an event, it may be necessary to participate outside of regular school hours.  Such events could include the Amuri Show, parent workshops, Church gatherings etc.

Our idea candidate will have a knowledge of the religious contexts, social structures, interactions and expectations of the Filipino community.  They will demonstrate empathy with the difficulties of learning a new language and the needs and feelings students have when adjusting to a new culture and environment. They will be able to use their life experiences to be able to share their knowledge around food, music, literature, art and sport.

Please apply by email to with a covering letter and CV by 29th April 2018.

Interviews will be held in the week of 30th April with the anticipated start date as soon as possible.

For questions related to this position please contact Claire McCarthy on 03 315 8233 or