Calf and Lamb Scheme

The PTA send letters to parents of the school and members of the public for donations of calves and lambs which people are very willing to do.  The 1st year we had 23 calves and the number had grown to 47 in 2009, in 2015 we had 60 along with 28 lambs and some cash donations.  It is one of our main fundraisers of which the other is the trail ride.

We get people to donate a calf or lamb and after the animals are picked up we have a prize giving night.  There are two major spot prizes one for the lambs and one for the calves.  We also have a heaviest lamb, hogget and calf competition and many other spot prizes through the evening.

Generally the animals are already sold on contract, all we ask is that the calves are 100kgs on pick up day, have been TB tested and double tagged with the farms I.D. and E.I.D and that they are either a five point freisian bull or a beef bull.

The lambs are collected in the same week as the calves and are sold on by Rural Livestock.

If people are unable to provide an animal we do accept donations towards the scheme and this also qualifies the family donating to the spot prizes on the prize giving evening.  Anyone wanting to donate either an animal or money can contact either the president or secretary.

The PTA extend a huge thank you to all those who have kindly donated in 2017. Please see the following link for more information about our wonderful prize winners > Calf & Lamb