New Bus Routes

The Ministry of Education has also recently reviewed the bus routes for Amuri Area School.  You will find these maps below they should be seen in consultation with the zoning consultation process as it makes sense to see them side by side, however this is a separate process that is not managed in any way by the school and any feedback must go to: –

STeM-BusRoute7574 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7575 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7576 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7577 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7578 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7579 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7596 – May 2019
STeM-BusRoute7768 – May 2019