School Sports

At Amuri Area School students are encouraged to participate in, and given opportunities to excel at, a wide variety of sporting codes.  Many students gain provincial representation and others go on to perform at a national level.

The major school events for the year are Swimming Sports, Athletics Sports and Cross Country. Whanau points are at the focus point during the school competitions, points can be gained by participation, gaining a place and best dressed Whanau. Lunch time sporting activities provide students with an opportunity to be active and experience a range of sports they may not be exposed to normally.

Amuri Area School provide opportunities for students to compete in a variety of sports including, swimming, athletics, basketball, volleyball, touch rugby, skiing, along with major competitions; Senior and Junior SISS netball and the Area School National Tournament. Students involved in winter sports play for their local clubs. 

Coaching is at a high level with the community coaches and school staff heavily committed to skill development and winning results. 


Swimming Sports Programme 2019