Amuri Zone Enrolment Scheme

To view the draft zone proposal, click here: Draft Amuri Zone

30 May 2019

Dear Parents/Community

Letter of Consultation for Proposed Enrolment Scheme for Amuri Area School

The Ministry of Education has asked our Board of Trustees to develop an enrolment scheme to manage our school roll and capacity in light of the need to upgrade our facilities.

Before an enrolment scheme can be approved by the Ministry and adopted by our Board, we are required to consult with our parents and local community, with parents of prospective students of Amuri Area School and with other local schools that may be affected by the proposed scheme.

We have therefore drafted a proposed enrolment scheme, as per the proposed enrolment scheme map, based on the count of state school students in our area at the beginning of 2019 supplied to our school by the Ministry of Education. At the top of this page there is a link to the scheme document and zone map for you and your family to consider. We have also uploaded the proposed scheme onto our school website and will advertise this proposal in our local newspapers, so that it is accessible to our community for feedback as well.

Please send your written feedback to us, (email: no later than Friday 5th July 2019. We will carefully consider all responses and provide feedback as required.

The Ministry of Education has also recently reviewed the bus routes for Amuri Area School. You will find these maps on our website they should be included in the consultation process as it makes sense to see them side by side, however this is a separate process that is not managed in any way by the school and any feedback must go to: Р

Kind regards

Paco Mones-Cazon, Board Chair
James Griggs, Principal
On behalf of Amuri Area School Board of Trustees