couple of big surprises

We will be fair, we will be balanced. We are not the establishment destroy Trump media, and we’ll bring you the stories that they will never tell you about. We have a great week next week, a couple of big surprises. Zanders had a smile and a personality that lit up a room as soon as he walked in the door, said Georgette Godwin, the Montgomery chamber president and CEO, in a chamber statement. Is a shining example of what is possible here in Montgomery County. Of all he grew a wonderful company here, said Sally Sternbach, executive director of Rockville Economic Development.

“The boss enjoyed the prank, but at the same time, he was worried about the restaurant’s image, which is completely understandable. Everyone there, they’re a terrific group of people. They’re my family. It was important for us to get in with USA Basketball to really govern the way the game is taught. I would hope it would get to the point where if you wanted to coach a top level travel team, you would need to have a certain certification level. I know they do that for soccer.”.

On July 4 at the Waterset Community, 7250 Parkshore Drive. Attendees can enjoy free hot dogs, snow cones, games and fun. The event will include a slip and slide for the kids, a checkers tournament, lunch ($6 for adults, $3 for kids) and a screening of Independence Day.

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