The seller, a China based website, told her they would accept

My goal is to guide you to becoming the best you possible. If what I talk about and show you helps, I have been blessed. Yes, the goal is not only to better your physical world, but your emotional, mental, and spiritual world, wherever that takes you! It’s up to you to determine what your concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means to you! How about peace of mind, joy, inner peace, prosperity in different areas, all kinds of opportunities? The list goes on and on!.

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Canada Goose sale But once Stachurski opened the package, she found the dress was not only a wrinkled mess, but was also mis sized, had raw edges, bunched up fabric and other obvious flaws. “As my fiance said, looked like a drunken monkey put it together with a stapler. The seller, a China based website, told her they would accept a return if she would pay the $90 shipping charge, PayPal agreed to refund the transaction. Canada Goose sale

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