Welcome to our school website and thanks for taking the time to visit and find out news and information about Amuri Area School.

Education in a rural setting has many advantages and as one of New Zealand’s 34 Area Schools, we are delighted to offer our students the opportunities rural education provides:

• Small classes that enable all students to receive quality teaching and learning

• Leadership opportunities that develop students personal skills in a wide variety of ways

• A strong pastoral network where every student is known and noticed and early attention can be given if difficulties arise

• Individual programmes to meet student needs

There are many other features that make our school unique and promote learning in a supportive, safe and fun environment:

• Friday fun Lunchtime Activities

• Student goal setting and the use of e portfolios to track assessment progress over time

• Vertical forms

• Camps at our Outdoor Education lodge at Windy Point and a variety of other places

• A Senior Academy programme featuring Outdoor Education, Carpentry, Hospitality and Rural Skills

• Gateway – a programme for Year 12 & 13 students looking to move into employment

• Timetable – the daily timetable is unique with 3 days having 4 hour classes. This allows our students to participate in subjects such as Outdoor Education, Carpentry, Rural Skills and Physical Education where students require time outside of the school to complete activities.   The following link to an article in the Education Gazette gives  a broader overview of our timetable system. Effective timetable structuring allows for greater learning possibilities.

We – the staff, students and parents – are proud of our school and any of us would love to have the chance to explain why to you. Please, feel free to make contact by phone, e mail or in person and we’ll show you why Amuri Area School is a great place to be.