MOST of the new standard uniform items are now available through Mainland Uniforms either online or at the Wairakei Road Shop.  
There is a delay on the new POLO shirts for years 1-8 therefore we will provide Grey POLO’s to all NEW 1-8 students in the interim from the office from the 21st Jan at no charge.  Please remember existing students can use old uniform for another year!
Some other branded items (for example Shell Jackets) will also come online in the coming weeks.
Any questions please contact the office from the 21st Jan.
Year 1-6 and School Leaders return Monday 28th Jan
Whole School returns Tuesday 29th Jan
Teaching Team on Staff Development 24th and 25th Jan so will not be available.
Hope you all had an awesome summer break and look forward to seeing you back for 2019!

James Griggs

Principal | Amuri Area School 

Ph: 03 3158233

M: 02102479539

 At Amuri Area School we work to develop the young people who will shape our future.  We serve the surrounding area with students from Year 1 through to Year 13 allowing us to provide a seamless educational experience and an opportunity to really get to know your child and work with them for success.   Please take time to look through our site, read the parent handbook and our strategic planning documents so you can find out who we are and what we value in order to make the best decisions for your children.  

Whilst we have tried to put all the information you may need on this site there is no substitute for taking time to look for yourself, so please feel free to come in and visit our school, talk to us and ask any questions you may have.  You can contact the Principal directly at principal@amuri.school.nz or call on 03 315 8233 to arrange a time to visit.

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Kia Kitea Toikaka

Nothing but the Best


James Griggs B.Ed (hons), PG Dip Ed, M.Ed (hons)